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2010 Elections

Election Results for Pro-Environment Candidates, November 2010

Missouri Votes Conservation endorses legislative candidates who will champion strong environmental policy in Jefferson City. Without their leadership, we would be unable to move forward the common sense legislation that protects our air and water, creates green jobs, and makes Missouri a healthier place to live.

During the 2010 election season, our endorsed candidates worked hard, knocking on thousands of doors in their districts and talking directly to their constituents. Unfortunately for many, their message of hope for Missouri was lost in the clamor of anger at Washington D.C. on November 2nd.

MVC firmly believes that that sound environmental policies are non-partisan, and should be embraced equally by Republicans and Democrats. After all, a healthy environment is good for ALL Missourians. While we have lost some good friends in Jefferson City, we welcome the new members of the 2011 General Assembly and look forward to working with them to create a healthier, more sustainable Missouri.

Below you will find a list of MVC’s endorsed candidates in the 2010 general elections, and the results of their contests.

St. Louis Area races:

District Endorsed Candidate RESULTS
SD 4 Joe Keaveny (Incumbent) WON
SD 14 Maria Chapelle-Nadal WON
SD 24 Barbara Fraser LOST: Lamping
HD 18 Dr. Gary McKiddy LOST: Zerr (Incumbent)
HD 59 Jeanette Mott Oxford (Incumbent) WON
HD 64 Susan Carlson WON
HD 66 Genise Montecillo WON
HD 67 Mike Colona (Incumbent) WON
HD 72 Rory Ellinger WON
HD 73 Stacey Newman (Incumbent) WON
HD 78 Margo McNeil (Incumbent) WON
HD 82 Jill Schupp (Incumbent) WON
HD 83 Jake Zimmerman (Incumbent) WON
HD 85 Vicki Englund (Incumbent) LOST: Brown
HD 87 John Diehl (Incumbent) WON
HD 91 Jeanne Kirkton (Incumbent) WON
HD 94 Deb Lavender LOST: Stream (Incumbent)
HD 96 Scott Sifton WON
HD 100 Randal Lewis LOST: Haefner
HD 108 Jacob Hummel (Incumbent) WON

Central and Outstate Missouri:

District Endorsed Candidate RESULTS
HD 1 Keri Cottrell LOST: Redmon
HD 2 Rebecca McClanahan (Incumbent) LOST: Wyatt
HD 8 Tom Shively (Incumbent) WON
HD 21 Kelly Schultz LOST: Cauthorn
HD 24 Chris Kelly (Incumbent) WON
HD 25 Mary Wayne Still (Incumbent) WON
HD 110 Ben Harris WON
HD 113 Cyrus Dashtaki LOST: Bernskoetter
HD 139 Shane Schoeller (Incumbent) WON

Kansas City Area :

District Endorsed Candidate RESULTS
SD 10 Jolie Justus (Incumbent) WON
SD 34 Martin Rucker LOST:  Schaaf
HD 33 Jim Stoufer LOST:  Nolte
HD 34 Mark Ellebracht LOST:  Neth
HD 37 Mike Talboy (Incumbent) WON
HD 43 Gail McCann Beatty WON
HD 44 Jason Kander (Incumbent) WON
HD 45 Jason Holsman (Incumbent) WON

If you don’t know your House or Senate district, look it up here.

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