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2011 Legislative Standouts

Missouri Votes Conservation tracks the voting records of all Missouri lawmakers during the legislative session. We use their votes to gauge their commitment to the protection of the environment.  In the 2011 session, we highlight these legislative standouts:

 Cheers  Jeers
Rep. Jason Holsman (D-45), understands the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency in our state.  That is why House Speaker Steven Tilley (R-116) appointed him as chairperson to the newly created Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy.  As the chairperson, Rep. Holsman was able to keep the conversion on renewable energy legislation going and helped block legislation that would have had negative repercussions for our State and the environment.We appreciate the hard work the Chairman put into his committee and his efforts to reinforce the State’s Renewable Energy Standard. We look forward to continuing to work with the Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy in the future, and with Rep. Holsmam.

Rep. Zachary Wyatt (R-02) also served on the Renewable Energy Committee. He earns our cheers for a couple of bills he sponsored his freshman year.  We thank him for his efforts on HB 716 which would have created a Renewable Energy Pilot Program for State Parks and also included our Green Buildings language.  We also appreciate his efforts on HB 873, which would have established The Missouri Sustainable Local Food Policy Council. We look forward to working with Rep. Wyatt next session and helping him move these important ideas forward.

Senator Jolie Justus(D-10) is a Senator that will stand up and fight for her ideals on the Senate floor.  Last session she spoke out against many bad bills that she was asked to vote on, including, HB 209, a potentially unconstitutional Ag-Nuisance bill that provided protection to large corporate owned farms with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).  We thank Senator Justus for always standing up for what is right and speaking out on the Senate Floor when necessary.


Rep. Don Ruzicka (R-132), receives our appreciation for his efforts in protecting Missouri State parks and our clean water.  He fought hard for the reinstatement of the Water Pollution Permit Fees for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  He also passed HB 190 which allows DNR to accept cash payments for permits and other items for sale at fairs and in the State Offices.  This will make it easier for citizens to enjoy the benefits of our state parks. He also worked on protecting the state parks earnings fund from having the interest earned removed and placed into the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF) and from having the surplus swept into GRF.

Rep. Doug Funderburk (R-12):  Our Jeer for 2011 goes to Rep. Doug Funderburk for HCR 42.  House Concurrent Resolution No. 42 is a non-binding resolution from the Missouri General Assembly to the United States Congress urging them to prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gasses and to “impose a moratorium on promulgation of any new air quality regulation by EPA”.In 2012, our General Assembly failed to pass any job creation bills and also failed to pass positive renewable energy legislation. Yet, they spent a significant amount of time debating purely symbolic measures such as HCR 42 and fighting against the science of greenhouse gasses and renewable energy.