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Missouri Legislative Scorecard

You care about Missouri’s environment, but do your legislators? Find out how they voted in MVC’s 2009-2010 Conservation Scorecard. The scorecard is a non-partisan guide to how legislators voted during the 2009 and 2010 legislative sessions – read more about the key bills during the most recent session in the Legislative Wrap-Up section of our website.

Click the image below to view the full PDF version of our scorecard online.

2010 MVC Scorecard CoverIf you care about the quality of the air, water, land, and other natural resources in Missouri, you should care about how your elected officials vote on these issues. The decisions made by state senators and representatives help determine the health of our state’s citizens and our natural environment.

That’s why Missouri Votes Conservation publishes a Conservation Scorecard for legislators every year. The latest edition is a non-partisan, factual guide to how state legislators voted on key conservation issues during the past two legislative sessions.

The goal of this scorecard is to provide Missouri citizens with information that helps them understand which lawmakers consider environmental protection a high priority.  We invite you to review the contents of this scorecard carefully; then contact your legislators and either thank them for their votes on the environment or let them know you’re disappointed.

If you’d like to request a hard copy of our 2009-2010 Conservation Scorecard, please email or call Erin McAllister at erinmcallister@movotesconservation.org or 314-725-9494.

National Environmental Scorecard
Interested in how Missouri’s U.S. Congressional leaders scored on the environment in 2009? Check out the National Environmental Scorecard, produced by the League of Conservation Voters.

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