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Energy Efficiency

When it comes to wasting energy, Missouri ranks among the top ten states in the nation.

Missouri’s lack of good energy efficiency policy not only results in burning an excessive amount of dirty fossil fuels that pollute our air and water, but it also increases the amount of money we spend on utility bills.

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Nuclear Power/Construction Work In Progress (CWIP)

SB 321/SB 406/ HB 124 represent the first step of a long and expensive road to a $6+ billion nuclear project that could cost ratepayers $300+ dollars per year to fully fund.

Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and expensive. Energy efficiency retrofits and clean energy can address Missouri’s energy future over the next 20 years and allow for the retirement of aging coal plants.

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Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE is a voluntary program and stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It enables interested Cities or counties set up special Clean Energy Development Boards (CEDB) capable of issuing low-interest bonds, and the bond money is used to cover the costs of a loan program. Participating property owners, both commercial and residential, can opt-in and receive a 20 year loan for renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements, and pay the loan back through a 20 year assessment on their property taxes.

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